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  • Swift 3 on Ubuntu 16.10

    On’s downloads page Swift 3 comes with builds for Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04, but not 16.10. It is a reasonable guess that the 16.04 build will still work on 16.10, but once downloaded and extracted, it complained about missing 16.10 only offers the ICU version 57. There was a build of icu […]

  • Windows 10’s Anniversary Update just force installed itself in the middle of typing a git commit message in the middle of the work day. An hour later, it finished. Of course, it removed my VMs (but did leave the Docker for Windows VM alone).

  • Simple Batch Processing

    See my new github project: The goal of this is to be reasonable fast and powerful, while being dead simple to install and configure. Installation and configuration should be as simple as: $ pip install simplebatch $ batchd & $ bsubmit — my_first_job The current status is pretty much there. There are rough edges, […]

  • [codepen_embed height=600 theme_id=1 slug_hash=’RRzOQk’ user=’jdboyd’ default_tab=’result’ animations=’run’] See the Pen SVG Graph Nodes on CodePen [/codepen_embed]

  • Whoops, I superglued the superglue container to my finger.

  • Proxmox on DigitalOcean

    I thought I’d try to install Proxmox 4 on DigitalOcean. How I struck on that idea was very convoluted, and I don’t have a specific purpose for doing so, but if you want LXC containers instead of Docker or rkt, and you want a full set of web admin tools, this might not be a […]

  • What is a ghost’s favorite numeric base? BOOlean!