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  • Ripping PS2 discs

    Optical media won’t last forever. I’ve already had a bunch of music CDs and GameCube games rot away on me and be lost. To guard against that, I am attempting to back up as much of my media as possible. On the topic of ripping disc based media, is great for providing reference hashs…

  • SSH to an outdated server.

    I needed to power on and turn on a server that had been off for 8 years to check for some missing data. Of course, security standards have advanced (and that server probably wasn’t up to date when turned off), and SSH from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS would no longer connect to the old server. Step…

  • Bob Update

    Bob Update

    It has been about a year, time for an updated picture, but I couldn’t stop at one. Here is one serious and one goofy.

  • Untitled post 1120

    Old business cards make great bookmarks. But if you run out of old business cards, it hardly costs anything to custom print business cards specifically for use as bookmarks.

  • Egg Decorating Bot

    Egg Decorating Bot

    I started this project in 2017. My original goals were: As you can see in the thumbnail, I gave up on the foam core, but I stuck it out on the no 3D printing or laser cutting, just to prove I could. In 2017, I made a foam core frame (that I failed to take…

  • New Arrival

    New Arrival

    Back on October 22, we were joined by Bob.

  • Bye Izzy

    Bye Izzy

    She passed yesterday. She was such a good girl.

  • Running Raspbian in image on Ubuntu desktop

    While the title says Raspbian on Ubuntu, the steps will be nearly the same for any ARM linux distribution on any AMD64 Linux desktop. For me, and I suspect most people, what combination is likely to equal Raspbian on Ubuntu. Download and extract your Raspbian image. In this case I will be using Raspbian Lite…

  • Dynamic Wireless Network Name (SSID) on Raspberry Pi hotspot

    This mostly for any Linux system using systemd, albeit the script will need adjusted for where you want to get the ID from. In the example, it uses the Raspberry Pi’s serial number. Mac address could be another good source to use. [gist 1243b0dc3bc64927a6e8332860f707d0 /]

  • Avid MBOX 3 Teardown ST-Micro ISP1582BS max4477 cs4272 akm AK4114VQ ahc02 hc595