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For several years I’ve kept a WordPress instance running in my basement for storing my recipes. I recently uploaded the data to I may move to a custom domain, but for now it is on a free WordPress sub-domain. Visit it at:

When it was in the basement, I didn’t add pictures or worry much about nicely formatting the recipes, sold old entries will likely to revised as I make them again.

Swift 3 on Ubuntu 16.10

On’s downloads page Swift 3 comes with builds for Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04, but not 16.10. It is a reasonable guess that the 16.04 build will still work on 16.10, but once downloaded and extracted, it complained about missing 16.10 only offers the ICU version 57.

There was a build of icu 55 made early during the development of 16.10. This shouldn’t be scary since it is just a new build a stable library that I think was only dropped because they decided to ship only 57. The .deb file can still be downloaded here: Once downloaded, just install with
dpkg -i libicu55_55.1-7_amd64.deb

Now problem solved, swift3 works on Ubuntu 16.10.

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update just force installed itself in the middle of typing a git commit message in the middle of the work day. An hour later, it finished. Of course, it removed my VMs (but did leave the Docker for Windows VM alone).

Simple Batch Processing

See my new github project:

The goal of this is to be reasonable fast and powerful, while being dead simple to install and configure.

Installation and configuration should be as simple as:

  $ pip install simplebatch
  $ batchd &
  $ bsubmit -- my_first_job

The current status is pretty much there. There are rough edges, but it is as simple to get started as above.

Using more than working machine will initially require running batchd on the first one and batch_manager on additional machines, but eventually batchd will have a –slave mode.

My first use case for simplebatch will be running graphics magick over directories of images. Other places that it could be useful would be blender rendering, batch downloading, ffmpeg, R jobs, reporting, and many more.

Future goals:

Test large numbers of jobs in the queue.
Support postgres in addition to sqlite. Sqlite was initially chosen to make it easy to get going.

Support what Sun Grid Engine calls Array Jobs. This will make managing animation renders even easier. Currently you would presumably assign one job per frame, but with array jobs you would be able to submit a single job for an array of N frames, and simplebatch would track them as a group.