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  • In case anyone is interested in making USB connectors a bit more kid proof, I recently bought these magnetic USB cables: the kid’s tablet, I super glue the micro-usb adapter in place. It sticks out about 1/8 in. No more kid destroying USB ports.It’s like Apples MagSafe for tablets.For their claim that it will […]

  • Makita Reciprocating Saw cord replacement

    I was planning to nicely document this, but on review, some photos don’t really show what is needed, then I got caught up in finishing it and didn’t take appropriate finishing photos. Oh well, here is what I got.

  • Just built new shelves for games in closet. Turned out I still needed the old shelves.

  • Logitech K780 and M720 mini review

    I rather like the K780 keyboard and M720 mouse from Logitech (alas, not sold as combo). Just picked it up a week ago, so I can’t say about longevity yet, but they feel solid. The key shape on the keyboard is odd, but I’m already used to it from a K380 elsewhere. I had 2 […]

  • We had a guest today. A post shared by Joshua Boyd (@joshua_d_boyd) on Jan 22, 2018 at 1:44pm PST

  • Probably her most serious picture face every. A post shared by Joshua Boyd (@joshua_d_boyd) on Dec 5, 2017 at 10:01am PST

  • Theory: Raspberry Pi is the closest thing to a meaningful new Amiga.

  • Improve recipe heat directions.

    I think that recipes should replace phrases like medium high heat or simmer with temperatures. I interpret medium high heat to mean about 350-370 degrees Fahrenheit (175-190 C). Likewise, I call a simmer about 200 degrees (about 95 C). For measuring pan tempuratures, I use a point and shoot infrared thermometer like this model on […]

  • Recipes

    For several years I’ve kept a WordPress instance running in my basement for storing my recipes. I recently uploaded the data to I may move to a custom domain, but for now it is on a free WordPress sub-domain. Visit it at: When it was in the basement, I didn’t add pictures or […]

  • postgres dump query to file

    \copy (select fields from table where something=otherthing) to ‘/tmp/test.csv’ with HEADER CSV;