Logitech K780 and M720 mini review

I rather like the K780 keyboard and M720 mouse from Logitech (alas, not sold as combo). Just picked it up a week ago, so I can’t say about longevity yet, but they feel solid. The key shape on the keyboard is odd, but I’m already used to it from a K380 elsewhere.

I had 2 wireless keyboards and mice. One of each plugged into my KVM and one of each plugged into my windows PC on a separate monitor. Both of the K780 and M720 support connecting to 3 machines. Those three connections can be via Logitech’s unifying receiver (what you get in all cheap Logitech wireless mice) or bluetooth. Each device came with one receiver, and their software will let you re-pair their devices (unlike other brands of cheap USB wireless, I’m looking at you Anker). Thus, I stuck one receiver into the KVM, one into the windows PC, and re-paired both devices to talk to both receivers so now I have one keyboard and one mouse and I can easily toggle them between 3 computers (while still having an open slot on both devices for a tablet, Raspberry Pi, or something else).

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