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  • Logitech K780 and M720 mini review

    I rather like the K780 keyboard and M720 mouse from Logitech (alas, not sold as combo). Just picked it up a week ago, so I can’t say about longevity yet, but they feel solid. The key shape on the keyboard is odd, but I’m already used to it from a K380 elsewhere. I had 2 […]

  • Nexus 7

    Two years after my last attempt at getting an Android tablet (the Eken M001, see here and here), I got a new tablet, the Nexus 7. In short, the Nexus 7 is everything I wanted then. Of course expectations have risen over the last two years, but the Nexus 7 generally rose the occasion there […]

  • Zoup (but not salad)

    A resturant chain called Zoup is about to open at Park City (local mall). Deb and I got invited for a pre-opening meal. In case the following sounds like an endorsement, I will comment that they did bribe us with free food. Zoup is a soup, sandwich, and salad place. Deb and I got a […]

  • Video Game High-School, Episode 9 (spoiler alert)

    I enjoyed the Video Game High-School web series. There first episode can be found here. The series is 9 episodes long. The final one came out yesterday here. However, I don’t think that it ended as well as it could have. To summarize what happened in the final episode (limiting myself to what I’m going […]

  • HTPC

    Back in September, I posted about evaluating an Intel D510MO board for HTPC applications, and determined that it wasn’t good enough. Now, I am trying again with an Atom 330 / ION motherboard. This is a slower CPU, but a faster Nvida graphics chipset. Last September it still wouldn’t have done the job, but as […]

  • OCZ SSD in my Toshiba laptop.

    I put a OCZ Vertex 2 60 Gig SSD in my Toshiba laptop. It really is fast. Booting is pretty quick, although I don’t do much of that. Chrome and Thunderbird launch quickly although, again, I mostly just leave them running all the time. Beyond that, I hope it helps battery life, but since I […]

  • Replaced the touchscreen on a HTC Droid Eris

    I got a free HTC Droid Eris with a broken touch screen. The LCD seemed to operate without issue. The glass touch screen in front was badly cracked, but still fully functional. I looked on line and found that replacement touch screens are a little under $50, and I found a YouTube video that made […]

  • πp-v2, the new Plan 9 file protocol

    The symbol is Pi. I point that out since it doesn’t render very nicely in my web browser. The URL for the paper is: Yes, they stuck the symbol into the file name as well. Plan9 people seem to like to do such things just because they invented UTF-8 and were the first to […]

  • Eken M001, Upgrade Follow Up

    Installation Today, I tried upgrading to a newer SlateDroid than what came on the device. BTW, a small tip for use on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install p7zip p7zip-full p7zip-rar Find the new firmware at: Stupidly, to get the download link, you must create an account on the SlateDroid forums to do so. Did I […]

  • Eken M001, Android Tablet

    I recently purchased an Eken M001, one of the cheap android tablets that you can find on eBay. There are a lot of the super cheap tablets using Via WonderMedia chips. Based on online specs, the biggest differentiator between different models is whether it has 128 or 256 megs of RAM. It is possible that […]