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  • A new thermometer

    I don’t know where I got the idea from, but I’ve long thought that knowing how hot a pan is would be tremendously handy. And of course, the obvious way to measure surface temperature is with an infrared thermometer. So, I went and got a Ryobi IR001 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (with Laser) from Amazon (see […]

  • XO Update: F11 based image

    This past weekend I updated to the new XO-1 firmware image following the directions at this website.  The process was simple and painless. I believe this was the first significant update since Sugar was spun off from the OLPC project, and I had long given up hope of seeing any significant updates for the XO-1. […]

  • Intel D510MO Atom

    I had a theory that the Intel D510 CPU would be good enough for several tasks, including Linux audio (Ardour, Bristol, PureData, etc), NAS device, and HTPC (home theater PC). Not at the same time though, of course. I bought one of the Intel D510MO boards from Logic Supply. This board isn’t going to be […]

  • OpenSolaris on the Intel D510MO Atom

    I wanted to tryOpenSolaris on the new Atom board on a seperate disk before the machine got settled into normal use (normal use covered in this post). First impression, the LiveCD booted and worked correctly including graphics in VESA mode and the networking. The install was simple and painless, and afterwards came right up with […]

  • Samsung BD-P1590, semi-review

    This is an affordable BluRay player that also supports some streaming media. It works with Blockbuster Direct, Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora radio. As far as I can see, Netflix and YouTube are increasingly common features, but Pandora is unique to this device. To cut to the chase, I rather like this device.  I especially like […]