Zoup (but not salad)

A resturant chain called Zoup is about to open at Park City (local mall). Deb and I got invited for a pre-opening meal. In case the following sounds like an endorsement, I will comment that they did bribe us with free food.

Zoup is a soup, sandwich, and salad place. Deb and I got a cup of soup and a half sandwich. David got the kids special with is a grilled cheese sandwich and gold fish. He seemed to like it.

Deb got the Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque and the Chicken Toscana sandwich. I tried bites of both and thought they were fairly good.

I got the Mulligatawny soup and 4 Cheese Melt sandwich. I very much liked my choice. I’ve never had Mulligatawny before and was pleasantly surprised at the curry flavor. This sandwich paired with this soup wasn’t the best pairing, so I just ate them one after the other. Originally I was thinking to dip the sandwich in the soup.

Overall, we all rather liked the place. However, most commonly we don’t go out for soup and sandwich’s so it could be quite some time until we go there again, but I imagine that we will return.

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