Replaced the touchscreen on a HTC Droid Eris

I got a free HTC Droid Eris with a broken touch screen. The LCD seemed to operate without issue. The glass touch screen in front was badly cracked, but still fully functional. I looked on line and found that replacement touch screens are a little under $50, and I found a YouTube video that made it look easy enough (see video here).

The procedure took a little more than two hours. Disassembly the phone was easy. Removing the glass of the broken touch screen from the front bezel was a bit challenging, but still only took a few minutes. Cleaning the bezel then took forever. Applying super glue cleanly was difficult (more later).

The tutorial video on YouTube said to use a T6 screw driver for the outer screws. None of my T6s fit, I had to go by a T5.

I got it all back together with an unpleasant splotch of super glue on the back of the glass. I wasn’t happy with it, but I figured it would be usable. But then minutes later, the screen got a bit foggy. I figured it was just moisture, and set it out to dry. 15 minutes later it was much worse. Days and then a week later it was just as bad. I found out that super glue is NOT the correct adhesive to use for this, and this is what probably caused the fogging.

I was later talking to a friend who does camera repair, and he says I should have used G-S Hypo Cement. Now I know for next time.

Things learned:

  • Replace the front bezel/housing in addition to the touch screen itself.
  • Trying to clean  the  plastic adequately was by far the most time consuming part.

  • Use a cheap small brush to apply the glue.
  • This will result in less mess, and thus less chance of getting glue on the glass. A different glue may make this unnecessary.


I keep thinking of getting new parts for this phone and trying again, but the further I get from it, the less likely I think I am to do so.

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