Category: Programming

  • The Game Of Life

    The new banner is Conway’s Game Of Life. To quote Wikipedia: The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970 This version is in a small playing space for speed, and is lightly mouse interactive (try moving the mouse over the […]

  • Remeber: When you need to serve simple content for testing (say because of AJAX restrictions on file:///), do: python -m SimpleHTTPServer

  • Change of Theme

    I like the basic design of TwentyTen (the WordPress default), but I didn’t like the stock header choices. After some time thinking about it, I decided that there should be something dynamic up there. Dynamic is more invasive than just an image swap, and thus some theme customization is required. I didn’t want to deal […]

  • Progress

    I’ve been working on two projects. Well, one project with a sub project. And I switched jobs (more soon). I have a web app that I’ve been working on updating to be ajax’y. It is a feed reader (think Google Reader). I originally forked feedonfeeds when it was going through a period of being abandoned. […]

  • PodTrack

    This is a little command line utility for downloading podcasts into a directory. This can make for easy rsyncing to a flash card, or listening with a command line audio player. Find it at: I use it.  I don’t think anyone else does.  It prints a large amount of crap when running, which I […]

  • C++ Message Passing (overview, between threads)

    Having installed Google Analytics two months ago, I now know that the two most popular search phrases that people use to get here from Google are “elisp hex” and “c++ message passing”.  There isn’t much more to say about using hex in elisp, but I’m sure that there is more to say about C++ message […]

  • GitHub

    Did I mention that I’m now on GitHub? See: I figured that would be easier that uploading raw source code into WordPress. I could always post my own git archives, but GitHub provides online browsing nice visualization features, so I finally joined the crowd.

  •, Updated

    I’ve been continuing to poke at the URL shortening service I run. Recently I’ve added the following new features: The biggest change is the new bookmarklet.  Instead of redirecting you away from the page you are viewing, it overlays a modal dialog giving you your results. Please delete your old bookmarklet and bookmark the […]

  • RESTq, RESTful queuing, update

    First, I renamed it from msgQ to RESTq (or more likely just restq).  Also, I’ve joined the modern age and pushed it up to github: Up next, I shall put it into real use, and I do still want to add clients for more languages. Also, just because I can, I might rewrite the […]

  • πp-v2, the new Plan 9 file protocol

    The symbol is Pi. I point that out since it doesn’t render very nicely in my web browser. The URL for the paper is: Yes, they stuck the symbol into the file name as well. Plan9 people seem to like to do such things just because they invented UTF-8 and were the first to […]