Category: Programming

  • Simple Batch Processing

    See my new github project: The goal of this is to be reasonable fast and powerful, while being dead simple to install and configure. Installation and configuration should be as simple as: $ pip install simplebatch $ batchd & $ bsubmit — my_first_job The current status is pretty much there. There are rough edges, […]

  • python-lzo

    I realized that when searching for python and lzo, my github page is the first link. I’ve also noticed that people keep forking my github version and that there is no PyPI entry for python-lzo. So, I decided it is fair to consider myself the maintainer for python-lzo and have registered it as a PyPI […]

  • irccat3

    I liked’s irccat as an easy way to post events (task completion and errors) to an IRC channel. I was less crazy about the recommendation to use ant to execute it. When I moved it to a OpenVZ VPS that used venet, it stopped working reliably. I’ve actually had trouble with quite of few […]

  • Thankfully, I never switched to Google Reader

    I’ve long had a suspicion that I should just switch to Google Reader instead of continuing to develop my own feed2 reader software (found on github). Today’s news that Google Reader is being shut down makes me feel rather vindicated. I may even decide to push forward and make an Android client now like I’ve […]

  • Postgres Upgrade

    I just upgraded from PostgreSQL 8.3 to 9.2.  In doing so, I also went from a Sun optimized build (since I installed their supplied version before) to a self built version where I didn’t fiddle with optimization at all (the documentation suggests -O5, but I let it go with the default of -O3).  Despite the lazy build, it […]

  • The Javacript Compiler I Want

    There are a number of compilers that in something and output Javascript. A few of the more well known ones seem to be CoffeeScript, Dart, and emscripten. What I really want though is a Javascript to Javascript compiler that will run in Javascript. Here is the practical application. Top in mind is that I want […]

  • Winter Banner

    And now I have a new Winter themed banner. See the code and assets for it in my processing banners git repo here ( ). Processing.js can be found here This expands out into working with particles as objects, which I’ve done before, but is stretching further into the processing.js language further than I’ve […]

  • How I like to build for Windows

    I’ve seen a growing number of free software Windows programs where the recommended (or only) build procedure is to cross-build from Linux. I really like this idea. The latest I noticed that did this is the Clementine music player (which I’m rather excited about). This is a fork of amaroK, with the KDE parts stripped […]

  • I am now on Google+

  • virtualenv and pip

    Sorry, this isn’t a very original post. There are many guides on using virtualenv and pip. Some of them will be more comprehensive. Still, I find value in posting this because to some extent I do use my web site as notes for myself. First, install virtualenv. This is probably as easy as: easy_install virtualenv. […]