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  • About ReferURL is a link shorting service I created. You paste in a long URL (say to an eBay auction or newpaper article) and it gives you a short URL to use ( You also have the option of picking an alias for a referurl, something like Also, a common usage pattern is a bookmarklet […]

  • FreeType2 Usage Notes

    The motivation of this page is that the FreeType2 tutorial doesn’t give you complete working code. Lots of people complain about the lack of very short simple working example. I too felt that was lacking, so I posted up my first simple program. See: text2text This program should compile on linux, Irix, or solaris. Minor […]

  • C/C++ Message Passing

    Note: For C++ users, find an update at My favorite approach to threaded programming is message passing, holding the shared memory for things that need it for performance reasons. eCos has a handy general purpose message passing system, but C/C++ do not. Posix does have some methods that can be used for this. There […]