, Updated

I’ve been continuing to poke at the URL shortening service I run. Recently I’ve added the following new features:

  1. The biggest change is the new bookmarklet.  Instead of redirecting you away from the page you are viewing, it overlays a modal dialog giving you your results. Please delete your old bookmarklet and bookmark the new one to gain this feature.
  2. Accessing a ReferURL in an email or tweet is now much faster. The 1-2 seconds saved will improve the impression your ReferURL leaves on your readers.
  3. Enter an Amazon URL and ReferURL will return a shorter Amaon URL in addition to a ReferURL.  Thus, is now offered to you as as well as .
  4. Also, ReferURL does the same for eBay auction links.
  5. Email from the ReferURL result page.  Just click under Mail It!, and the ReferURL is placed in a new email message for you (this opens the new message in your local Outlook,, Thunderbird, or other configured default).

I like using a lot better now, and I hope you do as well.

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