This looks a heck of a lot like the 27.5″ 48v 500w Ancheer branded ebike I got in 2021 for $1200, but now only $400.

My thought on this is if you aren’t already used to expensive bikes, and you are interested in trying an ebike, this is probably a good choice for finding out if ebikes are for you. It may be that you find you don’t want an ebike, in which case you didn’t waste too much money and can sell it where ever you sell used things. It may be perfect for you. It may inform you that you really like ebikes, but you want a better one. When I paid much more for mine, I expected it to either tell me it wasn’t worth it or that I would want to spend more in the future.

I am a big guy who puts a lot more strain on bikes than most people would (per mile ridden of course). Thus, I wish mine had more torque and better brakes. However, I think for most people, the complaint will only be that the assistance levels don’t offer enough finesse. My bike doesn’t like to provide assistance below approximately 9mph, and that is too fast for writing with children or very slow adults.