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Stupid Cloud

It seems that some companies are using cloud services to offer features I’ve wanted for a long time, but only tied to a cloud with a monthly or yearly fee.

The latest and most irritating is iCloud. I see no reason that an iDevice shouldn’t be able to sync with a Mac by WiFi. Finally, Apple introduces this feature, except it works by going through the iCloud instead of directly between an iPhone and MacBook.

Ubuntu Unity tricks learned today:

a) make a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications for old school programs to show up.
b) Middle click on the dock to launch a second copy of an application.
c) Alt+` to switch between windows of the same application like on OSX.

Now, I still would like to know why everything is so slow. Maybe I should try switching back to Unity 2D, despite having nvidia graphics.

Also, why does my username on the top bar say [Invalid UTF-8]?