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Last year I wrote 26 posts.

That is only half the number I’d hoped for (52), especially since some where just one or two lines, but it isn’t as bad as I thought I was doing. I think part of what makes me feel that I neglect this so much is that some are multiple posts in a week, while others go a month or more between posts. If I do nothing else, I should try to use the scheduling feature to spread these out more.

Next year, I’d like to at least get 52 posts, without including Aside items in the count.

Stupid Cloud

It seems that some companies are using cloud services to offer features I’ve wanted for a long time, but only tied to a cloud with a monthly or yearly fee.

The latest and most irritating is iCloud. I see no reason that an iDevice shouldn’t be able to sync with a Mac by WiFi. Finally, Apple introduces this feature, except it works by going through the iCloud instead of directly between an iPhone and MacBook.

Ubuntu Unity tricks learned today:

a) make a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications for old school programs to show up.
b) Middle click on the dock to launch a second copy of an application.
c) Alt+` to switch between windows of the same application like on OSX.

Now, I still would like to know why everything is so slow. Maybe I should try switching back to Unity 2D, despite having nvidia graphics.

Also, why does my username on the top bar say [Invalid UTF-8]?