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  • Running Raspbian in image on Ubuntu desktop

    While the title says Raspbian on Ubuntu, the steps will be nearly the same for any ARM linux distribution on any AMD64 Linux desktop. For me, and I suspect most people, what combination is likely to equal Raspbian on Ubuntu. Download and extract your Raspbian image. In this case I will be using Raspbian Lite…

  • Dynamic Wireless Network Name (SSID) on Raspberry Pi hotspot

    This mostly for any Linux system using systemd, albeit the script will need adjusted for where you want to get the ID from. In the example, it uses the Raspberry Pi’s serial number. Mac address could be another good source to use. [gist 1243b0dc3bc64927a6e8332860f707d0 /]

  • Avid MBOX 3 Teardown ST-Micro ISP1582BS max4477 cs4272 akm AK4114VQ ahc02 hc595

  • Quick hack stand for Waveshare Raspberry Pi display and Raspberry Pi

    Quick hack stand for Waveshare Raspberry Pi display and Raspberry Pi

  • Kivy on Raspbian using EGL without installing X11

    This is aimed more at using the Raspberry Pi with a touch screen for embedded uses, and is not relevant to using it in the Raspbian desktop environment. Unfortunately, it seems that to just pip install kivy appears to work, but then when you run an example, it complains about missing libraries, and installing those…

  • Substance Designer SBSPRS/SBSAR file format notes

    I have never used Substance Designer, so I’m basing this off of looking at example files. The SBSPRS files are XML that appear to specify the list and type of parameters used in the SBSAR substance. The SBSAR file is just a 7-zip file. It expands to: ./assemblies ./assemblies/content ./assemblies/content/0000 ./assemblies/content/0000/icon1234567890.png ./assemblies/content/0000/Example.xml ./assemblies/content/0000/Example.sbsasm The Example.xml…

  • In case anyone is interested in making USB connectors a bit more kid proof, I recently bought these magnetic USB cables: the kid’s tablet, I super glue the micro-usb adapter in place. It sticks out about 1/8 in. No more kid destroying USB ports.It’s like Apples MagSafe for tablets.For their claim that it will…

  • Makita Reciprocating Saw cord replacement

    I was planning to nicely document this, but on review, some photos don’t really show what is needed, then I got caught up in finishing it and didn’t take appropriate finishing photos. Oh well, here is what I got.

  • Just built new shelves for games in closet. Turned out I still needed the old shelves.

  • We had a guest today. A post shared by Joshua Boyd (@joshua_d_boyd) on Jan 22, 2018 at 1:44pm PST