Author: jdboyd

  • Hex in elisp

    ?\x48fc is a 16bit hex value in emacs.  So, for example: (- ?\x4ffb ?\x48fc)

  • Mail Configuration with Postfix and Dovecot

    (NOTE in 2011: This one post attracts enormous amounts of spam comments, so I’m closing comments on it, while still leaving comments on elsewhere.) Notes on configuring a SMTP/IMAP server with TLS, SSL, and SMTP AUTH, the least pain possible. The platform used was Solaris 10 with SunStudio 11. The notes should apply to any […]

  • PostgreSQL Notes

    I don’t use Postgres quite heavily enough to remeber how to do certain administrative tasks. Having gotten sick of flipping back and forth between various sections in the manual, I’m making a page of notes here. Anything here is probably permenantly burned in the brains of heavier users, but perhaps this will be useful to […]

  • eval-exp-insert

    I often want to calculate something quickly then stick it into the buffer I am currently editing. Previously, I would do something like type (+ 3 5) into the buffer, Type C-x C-e, see the result in the minibuffer at the bottom of the screen (are re-evaluate repeatedly if I didn’t quite catch it, say […]

  • Lamb Chops

    This is a recipe where ingredient precision does not matter.  Just use enough to cover the meat. 1/2 Tsp mustard 1.5 Tsp dried sage 1/4 Tsp cayanne 1 Tsp dried chopped onion, or fresh finely minced 2 Tbs oil 2 Tbs balsamic vinegar 4 small lamb chops, about 3/4 pound total. Mix the above together and marinate […]

  • My BBQ Sauce

    8oz tomato sauce 2TB molasses 1TB honey 1TB vinager (apple) 1/4 cup jackie D.a 2 teasp. worchester sauce 1 teasp. liquid smoke (optional) 1 TB minced garlic. 1/4 large onion dash of pepper   Boil 30 minutes. The rest is commentary. This is a record of what I last did (except I didn’t use liquid […]

  • FreeType2 Usage Notes

    The motivation of this page is that the FreeType2 tutorial doesn’t give you complete working code. Lots of people complain about the lack of very short simple working example. I too felt that was lacking, so I posted up my first simple program. See: text2text This program should compile on linux, Irix, or solaris. Minor […]

  • C/C++ Message Passing

    Note: For C++ users, find an update at My favorite approach to threaded programming is message passing, holding the shared memory for things that need it for performance reasons. eCos has a handy general purpose message passing system, but C/C++ do not. Posix does have some methods that can be used for this. There […]