RESTful message queuing in Python

Alright.  Pass 1 is done.  Here is a link to it.  The server is in Python.  Clients in PHP and Python are provided.  It follows this design document.  On a quad Opteron, it gets about 600 short messages a second.  It isn’t threaded.  Next step on this project is to redo this in Erlang.  And then maybe C++ for the heck of it.

This uses WSGI, specifically the wsgi reference server, so in theory it shouldn’t be hard to adopt to other wsgi servers, like mod_wsgi.  However, beware of problems of thread safety.  Also beware that wsgi servers that use multiple processes will require some sort of external data store instead of process local memory.

(edit: Download link was moved to github, design doc link was also changed)

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