I realized that when searching for python and lzo, my github page is the first link. I’ve also noticed that people keep forking my github version and that there is no PyPI entry for python-lzo.

So, I decided it is fair to consider myself the maintainer for python-lzo and have registered it as a PyPI package. Find it here:

I guess the next steps will be to setup travisci, update the, add python3 compatibility and find out what changes the people forking it are making.

How to fix BIND’s journal out of sync error

This is a note for my future reference.

Example error:

zone journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone
zone not loaded due to errors.

While named isn’t running, remove the .jnl file for the zone. It will be in the same directory as the zone files. Restart named and the error should be gone.

This error occurs if you have dynamic entries (say pushed by in by a DHCP server or other automatic mechanism) in a zone and then also change the zone files on disk (say deploying updates from a manual edit).

To prevent this in the future, freeze a zone before changing the zone file, then thaw after.

rndc freeze
vi /path/to/zonefile/
rndc reload
rndc thaw

Where I learned about this:


I liked’s irccat as an easy way to post events (task completion and errors) to an IRC channel. I was less crazy about the recommendation to use ant to execute it. When I moved it to a OpenVZ VPS that used venet, it stopped working reliably. I’ve actually had trouble with quite of few Java services on that sort of VPS. So, I wrote my own in python, and it can be found on github and PyPI.

An added benefit is that much less memory is now used as well.

I can’t believe that Game Developer Magazine is ending in July! I hope they don’t switch my remaining issues to some Windows publication like the last two computer magazines I subscribed to did when they ended.

Acurately predicted 20 out of the last 4 Zebra stampedes.