Darragh Nagle – The Sudoku Rainbow Project

Joshua Boyd applied as a contractor to our project to port a game app that was functional on Andoid to the Apple iPad and iPhone platform. When we published our app port project for contractors, we received 300 applications. Those included software firms with hundreds of employees. Of all those applications, a few which showed the technology knowledge were selected for interviews. Joshua Boyd’s resume stood out as having the necessary technology knowledge and experience. My interview with him confirmed this, as well as confirming his ability to communicate and work as a team member on technical issues. After consideration of the technical skills of the applicants, their proposals, time lines and costs, and their communication and team working ability, Joshua’s proposed work plan showed a superior knowledge of the technology and a sound plan for proceeding with the project. At this point I selected Joshua to do the project.

Working with Joshua through the project was easy. We first discussed the source code of the existing app, and the plan to port it to a new platform. When all issues had been discussed, Joshua began the work. I did not need to supervise or monitor the progress. I had confidence
in Joshua’s work due to our technical discussions, and Joshua updated me with the status and asked me any questions he had. The result was a successful port in the planned time frame and within the projected budget. After testing and tuning, the product was released fully functioning. His work was very professional, and most importantly, the resulting app was correct, functional and maintainable. I will include Joshua in any future development plans.