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  • OpenSolaris on the Intel D510MO Atom

    I wanted to tryOpenSolaris on the new Atom board on a seperate disk before the machine got settled into normal use (normal use covered in this post). First impression, the LiveCD booted and worked correctly including graphics in VESA mode and the networking. The install was simple and painless, and afterwards came right up with […]

  • Zones on a single server

    A few months ago my co-located Solaris server was hit by a root kit that setup a IRC bot. It appeared that it got it by attacking one of the off the shelf web apps I use. To prevent having to do a complete rebuild in the future if this happens again, I decided to […]

  • Setting up a jumpstart server for Solaris Express.

    I guess this post will have a somewhat limited life span since Solaris Express is being retired in favor of OpenSolaris. However, some of the pages I always refereed to every time I needed to do this have disappeared, so I’m writing it up again anyway for future reference. Maybe I’ll update it again when […]

  • A few Solaris 10 notes

    Actually, these are primarily Solaris 11 notes, but they will probably all apply to Solaris 10 when the next release comes out, which I understand to be scheduled for sometime later this month. First, recently a lot of SCSI hard drives I’ve gotten have been a little mysterious about being used by the Solaris installer […]