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  • Small revisit of C++ message passing (in a threaded program)

    The post C/C++ Message Passing from June ’08 is one or the more popular ones, if Google Analytics is to be believed. Not only that, but every one who arrived there by Google search was looking for C++, not C. Upon re-reading it, it occurs to me that it would be a good candidate for […]

  • C/C++ Message Passing

    Note: For C++ users, find an update at http://blog.jdboyd.net/2010/11/small-revisit-of-cc-message-passing-in-a-threaded-program/ My favorite approach to threaded programming is message passing, holding the shared memory for things that need it for performance reasons. eCos has a handy general purpose message passing system, but C/C++ do not. Posix does have some methods that can be used for this. There […]