Category: System Administration

  • Proxmox on DigitalOcean

    I thought I’d try to install Proxmox 4 on DigitalOcean. How I struck on that idea was very convoluted, and I don’t have a specific purpose for doing so, but if you want LXC containers instead of Docker or rkt, and you want a full set of web admin tools, this might not be a […]

  • irccat3

    I liked’s irccat as an easy way to post events (task completion and errors) to an IRC channel. I was less crazy about the recommendation to use ant to execute it. When I moved it to a OpenVZ VPS that used venet, it stopped working reliably. I’ve actually had trouble with quite of few […]

  • Postgres Upgrade

    I just upgraded from PostgreSQL 8.3 to 9.2.  In doing so, I also went from a Sun optimized build (since I installed their supplied version before) to a self built version where I didn’t fiddle with optimization at all (the documentation suggests -O5, but I let it go with the default of -O3).  Despite the lazy build, it […]

  • Printing from Windows 7 to a Mac

    Use the MS Publisher Color Printer driver and connect via LPR/LPD.

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10

    When I upgraded to 11.04, I stuck with the Ubuntu Classic desktop. With 11.10, that didn’t look feasible anymore, so I bit the bullet to try and learn to cope with Unity. After the install, my first issues were: How to add a program to the Dash, specifically rxvt I use the terminal a lot, […]

  • NFSv4

    At some point, my Ubuntu desktop started using NFSv4 to connect to my Solaris file server. The visible symptom caused by this switch was all files showing up as owned by 4294967294:4294967294. The fix turned out to be to edit the file /etc/default/nfs-common to change: NEED_STATD= to: NEED_STATD=”no” and: NEED_IDMAPD= to: NEED_IDMAPD=”yes” Also, change the […]

  • After upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04, rxvt-unicode no longer worked with screen, dselect, aptitude, etc. Solution: install ncurses-term.

  • Zones on a Single Server, revisited

    TL;DR: nginx in a zone, replacing apache as the reverse proxy. Then, one web app per zone, PHP or Python. Broadly, I am happy with Solaris Zones, used as I previously laid out in my first post on the topic. I’ve not made dramatic changes to the idea. However, I have been fine tuning things. […]

  • Services to Disable on New Zones

    Update: This list is being moved to a script on github. See the script here. A new zone copies the base system in a lot of areas, including services. Thus, new zones can often be found running CDE. To save RAM and CPU power, those might as well be turned off. User svcadm disable […]

  • Virtual Networking between Zones

    When I first started using zones on Solaris, I ran into networking difficulty. I didn’t want private zone traffic polluting the network at the ISP, and I didn’t need any of the zones to be directly exposed (all traffic could either be proxied or go through ipnat). There was no nice solution for doing this, […]